Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yoga Bitch in $150 Yoga Pants

Suzanne's been getting a lot of press for her upcoming Seattle run of YOGA BITCH, which will be at Bumbershoot over Labor Day weekend, and then will run for a month at Re-Bar from September 19 through October 11.

I adore Suzanne and I adore this show: It's smart and silly and sexy and just a whole lot of fun. (Admittedly, I did direct it, so I may be a bit biased.) We've mounted it in New York, London, and Maui, and now I'm excited that my family and friends in Seattle will get a chance to see it.

Oh, and here's a great preview piece from the Seattle Weekly.

Pacific Northwest, I'll be there tomorrow. Get the rain out of your system now; my little sister's getting married on Sunday and she'd appreciate not having her up-do un-done!

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