Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Travelmonkeys, Unite!

While Mike and I were gallivanting across Europe and Asia, our pug was in Seattle with my parents, who took care of him for five weeks. We missed him terribly, and spent more time than I should probably admit discussing what a hit he'd be in Dushanbe, Istanbul, Groningen, etc.

But now the Travelmonkey pack has been reunited--and the Pacific Northwest has graced us with ideal weather for long, woodsy walks.

Big thanks to my mom and dad for taking care of him for such a long time. Not only did they do an amazing job--they fed us wild salmon on our first night back. Delicious!


LB said...

Kyle and I just got back from long woodsy hikes in the NW too...and my parents ALSO fed us wild salmon upon our return. I suppose it is the traditional prodigal NW daughter meal.

JM said...

Thanks for soaking up the rain for us in advance. ;)