Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TBA Shots

A roundup of photos from our last night at the festival:

Our wonderful technician, Josh, getting kissed by Camille, while our other technician, Jen, laughs in the background.

Mark Russell, saying goodbye at the end of his three year curatorship, and employing the Flash Choir to help him thank everyone. It was beautiful and moving.

This man, Clay, made a cape for Mike, because he thought (quite rightly) that he would look good with a Mexican wrestler cape. Mike wore it for the rest of the night rather imperiously. He would wear it every day for the rest of his life if he could get away with it.

Reggie came back to say goodbye. He spoke quite eloquently about what Mark has done for him, and then performed a set of tunes that nailed the festival and the city in the most loving way possible.

Floyd and Marc, two new friends.

And a very old friend: Amanda with her unforgettable, world-class lemon souffle pancakes: our final meal in Portland.

Be back soon, Portland, I hope. Thanks.

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