Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Live from PDX

We're in Portland, Oregon now, land of vibrant, punky hair, dog-friendly shops, heavily tattooed limbs, and menus with as many vegan options as omni- and vegi- combined. I'm writing this entry from Powell's of course.

We're here for the Time-Based Art Festival, a lovely smorgasbord of high art and high fun. Often when you're performing at a festival you don't have time to take in anyone else's work because you're so focused on getting your own thing off the ground. In our case, we're very lucky because we've got two different shows and a few days off in between each, which means that we're getting to see quite a few other pieces.

Last night we saw Tim Crouch's piece ENGLAND. It was extraordinary. So intimate and affecting, at just 60 minutes it packs a punch. We had to engage in cupcake therapy immediately after. Seattle folks, take note: the piece is coming to Seattle immediately after its run here. Don't miss it! It's performed in an art gallery (in Seattle, at the Henry, one of my favorites). This is a rare opportunity to see something completely out of the usual. It will take you outside of yourself and then put you pack together again, but slightly reassembled. That's what we want our art to do, isn't it? Only four performances--buy now.

A triple-header tonight that includes a walking tour in Portland of a city that is not Portland, some sexually-charged shenanigans from Bridget Everett and Kenny Mellman, and an episode of Reggie and Tommy's OCCURRENCE at The Works, which Mike will participate in.

If you can't join us in Portland, check out this wonderful audio excerpt from Mike about the experience of staying here. This is actually from a performance over three years ago, when we were doing a run at Portland Center Stage, but it still holds true.

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