Sunday, September 28, 2008

Late Night Eats in Seattle

I was going through my photos from Seattle and was impressed by how many times we ended up eating at Dick's--same as when we lived there. The food stands up even when you're sober, but it tastes best when you've done a show, then headed immediately to a bar, then been ushered out because it's closing time, which means you're starving and have about fifteen minutes before Dick's closes too.

I like the saucy Deluxe, a side of soft brown fries, and a shake. But sometimes a scoop of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce will do the trick too.

We don't really have a comparable late-night haunt in New York. (Instead we end up making pasta, or my favorite: ramen with mushrooms and avocado and sesame seeds.)

But in Seattle, all roads lead to Dick's, so you're likely to run into old friends there. After my brother's wedding, we even ran into him and his lovely bride Ray there. (See proof below.)


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Yes! That's Brian, warding off evil with his Turkish good luck charm.