Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Be Careful What You YouTube

So, when Mike and I went to the Noorderzon Festival last year, Mike made a little film of me doing what I like to do when I'm happy: making up a silly song, in this case, about the sheep and horses and cows we were zooming by in our train as we made our way from Groningen to Amsterdam.

At some point he posted it to YouTube, which was like, Aw, cute, but really not interesting to anyone except family members, and even then, only the most indulgent of family members. But I keep hearing about it from folks and I'm realizing that it's not quite as underground as I'd thought. And then earlier this year, we were doing a weekend at a performing arts center in California, and they posted it to their website as an example of Mike's work!

And just now, I was emailing with the head publicist for Noorderzon (where we'll be returning in a little over a week), and at the end of an email he wrote, "by the way: I loved your song about cows that I recently watched on YouTube."

So I went to find it, and it turns out 697 people have viewed this bit of afternoon whimsy. I'm posting it here for any who might have missed the pastoral rhapsody of the 2007 Noorderzon Festival.

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