Monday, August 4, 2008

The Same City, But Not

This is the gift of having visitors in your city: It breaks the routine, and suddenly you're eating at different restaurants, going to new neighborhoods, doing all the things you'd meant to get around to but somehow never found the time to do.

Today was my sister's last full day in the city, and we did it up. Chelsea flea marketing in the morning, dim sum in the afternoon, Century 21, the Staten Island ferry, shopping together at Whole Foods then going back to Sarah's apartment in Crown Heights where she made us an amazing mushroom risotto with gruyere and ginger-garlic-snap peas followed by vanilla ice cream with a cinnamony blueberry sauce...and lots of rounds of gin rummy over bottles of Cava and Prosecco.

And now I'm supposed to be asleep, so that we can get up early and make Big Pancakes (aka nalesniki, the Polish crepes we grew up with) before going to Coney Island and catching a bit more sun before Ruth gets on the plane tonight to head back to Seattle. Ruth's friends are generous and amazing and smart and fun, and it's been a lovely weekend.

Some pics before I turn the lights out:

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Charles said...

Nice title. Nice story.