Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tajik Wedding

So, Mike and Catherine (his partner on this project) had a day off today, Sunday being a day of rest, so they hired a driver to take them on a day trip to the remains of a Hissar Fortress (note: pic above of same was found on Flickr, not from M--click on photo to go to photographer's page).

Afterward, they drove through the surrounding villages (and around a mine field), and then came upon a wedding, a huge affair: dancing, singing, everything. They hung back, just watching for a bit, and then they were invited to join the celebration, so they did. Looking forward to those photos.

Mike captured some audio from the wedding, and you can hear it in all its jubilation by following this link.

At the very end of the recording I can hear someone saying "New York." Can you?


Anonymous said...

You're right about "New York." I guess you should, "Start spreadin' the news!"

Allan T

JM said...

Thanks for listening, Allan! You get a golden ijshoorn.