Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did

Some scenes from last night's gathering.

Tensions were high and people were afraid to let their guard down at first.

Everyone was checking their trusted websites for news, supplementing old media with new.

But after we won Ohio, people started to relax a bit.

(The celebratory round of vodka didn't hurt either.)

Baci wore his "time for change" sweater, complete with a button that looks like a little clock, made for him by the Yarn Lady.

And baby Callaghan was passed around the room, spreading a sense of hopefulness to everyone who held him.

When the election officially broke for Obama, the room went crazy with delight, and the sweetest part was seeing everyone on the phones with their family, checking in to say hello and omigoodness, can you believe it happened?

We all thought McCain's concession speech was very gracious.

And we loved Obama's speech.

Especially the part about the puppy.

Big love to our friends and neighbors who made a wonderful night even better by sharing it with us.

God bless America.


Samantha said...

we were so happy to spend the evening with you all! When we got home to Prospect Heights. There were audible cheers from every bar...he had just won Florida!!...The rest was history!

David said...

Barack as president and IKEA meatballs? The perfect evening.

SM said...

There were huge celebratory crowds walking in the middle of the streets all over capital hill. What a great night!