Friday, November 21, 2008

Lights, Camera, Steak

As you may have heard, we've decided to make a movie out of "If You See Something Say Something."

It's being directed by Peabody Award-winning cameraman Steve Anderson, who has shot seven PBS documentaries, written and directed the feature film "The Big Empty," and was recently a hit of the film festival circuit with his documentary about the most fascinating word in the English language, "Fuck." He's also been charged by lions on the Serengeti Plain, caught fire in the Malibu fires, trained as a Hollywood stunt driver, and shot hoops with Magic Johnson.

And here he is, digging through the Public Theater's dumpster, hoping to find a bit of magic in the refuse.

This was from a scene we filmed in the adjacent alley, though most of the film will be of the performance itself, shot over a total of six nights.

Mike and I wield such tight creative control over our projects that it's been a bit scary to let someone else in, but I have to say that these guys made it easy. It was a lean crew--Steve, Andre and Sandra--and each person was as positive as they were professional, which made each performance a joy to perform.

Once we'd wrapped (see how easily I use the lingo? I also learned that the final shot set-up of the day is called the "martini shot." I'm going to use that in other areas of my life! I'm envisioning martini paragraphs in writing, martini rooms in cleaning . . . this could be a very good thing) we decided to celebrate by heading over to the finest steak house New York has to offer: Peter Luger's.

When we got home, our dog could taste the steak still coming through our pores.


The Yarn Lady said...

What a dog--I knew the little guy was very gifted. Bet he doesn't respond like that after the turkey.

taopug said...

A martini moment for the pug

SM said...

So, would my last cup of coffee for the day be my "martini coffee," then? Hmmm. Well, I *am* on vacation, after all.