Monday, August 23, 2010

News From Home

Awesome email from my mom, who's taking care of this dude while we're in India:

Hello Gigi:

Baci is very disappointed because the squirrels took the ripe plums and peaches leaving nothing to pick or drop to his level. He is a perfect gentleman. Andy took his chew toy and went to work on it--he gently tried to get her attention, gently squeaked, circled her a few times, finally licked her, then lay down in front of her so she wouldn't forget that it really was his toy. She continued to chew and ignore him until she finally went to bed and he got his chance to enjoy the chewy. I have never seen such a gentle patient dog.

You should be proud of him.

Love, Mom

And here they are, Baci and Andy together. I call them "Salt & Pepper."

(What's that you say? This is much less interesting than India? You want pictures of the Taj Mahal and sadhus and IT workers and night markets and bangles? Ok, ok, jeez...back to work.)


NancyBlog said...

Yay Baci!

JM said...

Thanks, Nancy! I'm glad you appreciate the puggy update!