Saturday, March 28, 2009

Los Angeles

A round-up of pictures taken while in Los Angeles. We were there for a week this March, doing a show at Center Theatre Group in Culver City. I was rather inconsistent with when I took pictures and didn't, so I'll start with what's not pictured:

--close-up of a lamb shish kebob backgrounded by the verdant green of Alissa and Chris's new hideaway home in the hills

--Davey, reaching for my iPhone and every other piece of technology in sight shortly before being whisked to bed by Hilary

--the sign at the Chinese buffet my great-uncle and aunt took me to that read "ALL YOU CAN EAT! Only take what you will eat or we will charge you extra"

--Baci, peeing on a palm tree

And now for the photos:

Matthew, Monika, and Zofia, hanging out in the lobby after the show.

Matthew & Monika's adorable progeny, Madison, who is being raised to eschew princesses in favor of pirates.

Paul and Lia, probably the world's most attractive couple.

Aaron, a former student of Mike's and mine, who is now running a new venue in downtown L.A. and has a business card that lists his title as "Empresario."

A strange wonder from the wonderfully strange Museum of Jurassic Technology. This place is a real gem, a curious oasis of weird that is hard to describe, but I will say that it has nothing to do with dinosaurs.

Director Steve, showing us a rough cut of the film we shot in the fall at the Public. It was neat to see how he's been shaping it.

Sandra and Andre, the rest of our tiny film crew.

And finally, the wall at the theater we signed before we left to mark that we had been there.


NancyBlog said...

I love this photo story!

Mo W. said...

It was great seeing you guys!!