Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kirkland: It's not just a Costco brand

I'm writing this from my parents' home in Seattle, looking out over beautiful Puget Sound while the sun, having momentarily freed itself from the morning's clouds, attempts to render my laptop screen unreadable. The dog is asleep on the couch behind me, saving up his strength for the long, leash-less walk in the park he knows we'll take later. Ah, Seattle.

We're not just here for a visit, though. This weekend we'll be performing two different shows at the Kirkland Performance Center. On Friday night will be our old favorite, "Monopoly!"--a tale of the sparring geniuses Tesla and Edison, rabbits with lasers, Bill Gates' ninjas, the history of the eponymous board game, and the growing creep of the Wal-Mart in Mike's hometown in Maine. We've performed this one at Bumbershoot and CHAC and Portland's TBA Festival, and will do it again in Vancouver B.C. on February 4. It's one of my favorites.

But I'm especially excited about Saturday night, when we'll do "Invincible Summer" for the first (and probably only) time on the west coast. I have always wanted to do this show in Seattle as it's about our move from here to New York, which happened to be the same summer those towers fell. It's also about the subway system, families falling apart and coming back together, Polish weddings and potato salad, and the vodka and cream puffs it takes to make both marriage and democracies work.

This is the same monologue that was so infamously interrupted by the student group in Boston whose adult chaperone couldn't handle Paris Hilton being insulted. (Watch that video here.)

If you're in the area, come join us. We'll have a good time together.

Oh! A bald eagle just flew by!

* * *

Coming Home is bronze sculpture by Stanley Bleifeld, located at Marina Park in Kirkland, Washington.


Adam said...

Is that sculpture made of chocolate?

JM said...

Would that it were. Then Kirkland's new motto could be "A Heaven for Humans, A Disaster for Dogs."

Busboy said...

Hello, sailor!

SM said...

I *so* wish I could see the show tonight! Break a leg.