Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Is Why I Left My Computer Behind

I could scream. I could swear and I could shout, but I have too much to do, so if you will just let me vent to you, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have so many wonderful pictures to share with you from our trip to the Yucatan that I decided to create a slide show. That was the fun part that I let myself overindulge in, time-wise--getting the music just right, the title sequences, etc. But then I had a problem when I exported it into a .mov file, so my dear husband graciously updated all my software in case it was a bug, and this took more time (time when we should have been cleaning and prepping for the 18 people who are going to be dining here on Christmas Eve), though it did fix the problem.

And then I had to upload it to YouTube, which took another hour, because it is a large file, and then yet more waiting, as they had to process it, only to find out that there were further problems: the audio was messed up, and the picture quality was crap.

But in for a penny, in for a pound, right? So I got an account with Vimeo, which is supposed to have superior image quality as compared to YouTube, and I set my computer to upload the file before I went to bed last night. I woke up this morning, so excited to see what it looks like, and guess what? "There was a problem converting this video! Please contact Vimeo help."

So now I realize that not only did I spend an entire evening (all told, probably six hours) on this, but I have also created a slide show that will only work if I show it to you in person, on my computer. Grrrr.

It's not a new story, I know. We've all gotten caught in technology time sinks. But it smarts all the same. If you have actually made it to the end of this long whine, I thank you for your time (time that could have been spent prepping for your big dinner/performance/party/exam) and offer you this: my favorite photo from our trip to the Yucatan.

More to follow in the old-school, reliable, TRAVELMONKEYS format.

Peace on Earth,


Anonymous said...

If you use the latest version of iMovie, it has an export to youtube option that's seamless. sorry about your troubles.

Kathleen said...

I think I used imovie to upload directly to blogger... but I might be making that up.

love the photo with the monkey cage.

Happy Holiday!

Anonymous said...

You guys use .Mac, right? Doesn't it have a video sharing thing that just shows the original .mov file?

Rhoda Harley said...

Wonderful monkeys! I'm glad you made it home safely for Christmas.