Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My little sister Ruth is getting married over this upcoming Labor Day weekend. That's not the surprise. The surprise is that her whole bridal party is made up of folks living in New York, and we all pitched in to fly her out here and put her up and show her a weekend she won't soon forget. My mom and dad are driving her to the airport in Seattle right now. Mom snapped this pic of Ruth right after she found out the good news.

Oh, what fun we'll have! Tomorrow night we're going to picnic in Prospect Park and then see the Mark Morris Dance Group. It's all part of Celebrate Brooklyn, an annual summer arts fest that is amazing and free and which I've failed to attend every summer until now because we are so often out of town in the summer.

Other things we might do over this long weekend with Ruth: attend a Brooklyn Cyclones game (Saturday is Ladies' Night!), go to the Czech Bohemian Beer Garden in Queens, go to Slideluck Potshow (if we can get in), and if I know my sister, shop at H&M.

Life is so, so good.


Ray liaw said...

WAHOO!!! What a great day for Ruth - we spent the morning with a stressed out, bride-to-be, chiding her on the lack of bachelorette party and drumming up all sorts of kooky bridal shower ideas. Just an hour before this pix, Joe asked her to babysit numerous times this weekend. Ha!

JM said...

You guys rock! Good job getting her good and cranky before putting her on the plane!